Websites. SEO. Marketing.

We work for you. We are growing if you are growing.


We always listen. Our goal is to give you complete solutions that save time and money

Website design

Websites that best represent what you do.

Social marketing

An important part of marketing is social marketing - it's really important for your branding.

SEO and Adwords

Becoming friends with Google. If you want to make it in the internet you have to use SEO and Adwords.

Video marketing

We can offer you video marketing services. One of the best way to reach your audience.


Branding is everything that is left after marketing is gone. We always consult with you what message you want to send.

IT services

All kinds of solutions and automatization. Just dream. We will do the rest.


About Us

Everything started when a team of 3 people was formed. Each and everyone were experts in their own field and loved what they did. This is how BrandScatter came to life. We still amaze each other in a good way. The most important thing for us is the communication with our client - we always try to dream together and we won't leave you in the dark.


„Can you put a price tag on sound? Can you put light on the truth?“

---Some high Lithuanian singer


In all seriousness just say what you need to be done - we will tell you how much it would cost. Every project is different and we don't want to overcharge you.