Google Marketing Innovations Keynote 2018

Google Marketing Innovations Keynote 2018

Google Marketing Innovations Keynote 2018

(updated 20:09)

I will be writing down key points from the keynote:

1st speaker: Sridhar Ramaswamy


Advertising has to be:

Valuable, Transparent and Trustworthy

“near me” tag in search query is growing for products.

End users are capable to adjust any aspect of their own ad personalisation .

Google Adwords are becoming Google Ads

Google Marketing Platform = Google Analytics 360 + DoubleClick


2nd speaker Nicky Rettke


Google will help in 3 ways:

Performance on Youtube.

>1.9B Users (wow)

TrueView for reach, TrueView for Action (a CTA button always visible)

New bidding “Maximize lift bidding”.


3rd speaker Anthony Chavez

Search Network

Responsive Search Ads (NEW)

How will it work?

You provide 15 Headlines and 4 description lines. Machine learning will take 3 Headlines and 2 description lines. Available in two months to English speaking market.

50% would not make a purchase if site takes too long too load


Landing Page Speed Score (1-10 score) – based on multiple factors and updated daily.

Google is pushing AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for better scores.


Cross device reporting and remarketing in Google Analytics (!!)


4th speaker Kim Spalding

Smart Campaigns:

Simple, save time, delivers real results.

Google says, that it will be a good campaign for Small Businesses.

~1/2 of small businesses don’t have a webpage


So Google will help creating an Auto Landing Page.


5th speaker Phillip McDonnell

Getting your products online will be easier.

Automated feeds – crawls through website and crates a list.

Smart Shopping Campaign is launching soon.

20% more conversions with SSC

Integrations with Shopify will be available.


New business goals will be introduced – Store visits and New customer Acquisitions.

Local Campaigns (!!) – linking with Google My Business, add logos, pics, videos and that is it. Google’s Machine Learning will be helping reach your goals.

So as I’ve understood, Google will be trying to work with Offline conversions more.

Hotel Campaigns

6th speaker Payam Shodjai

Google Marketing Platform

forget DoubleClick from now on.. 🙂

Payam shares his story about him creating a Boyband 🙂

Search Ads 360, Display and Video 360 – help to plan and implement all the ads.

Over 100 integrations available.

A few demos with Adidas, Corner and Bookit.

New Feature – Instant Reporting

In the next few weeks Google Marketing Platform will launch.


The End 🙂

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