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Google I/O 2018 Keynote

google i/o keynote 2018




Google I/O 2018

Text unedited and just key points wrote down. Updated as the Keynote goes.

I would recommend watching everything by yourselves here: but if you do not have the time check the main points below.

Google AI

Gmail update – text prediction.
Photo edit – sharing photos, generating pdfs, coloring photos

Google voice assistant (Wavenet)
6 new voices – more natural voices.

John Legend – Google Voice Assistant voice coming later this year.

More about Google Assistant.

More improvements in every way of Google Assistant – now you can have more natural conversations.

Multiple actions available

“Pretty Please” – Google Assistant understands positive attitude and reinforces it.

Google Assistant can book a reservation!! Live it made a reservation for a haircut.

Android will try to help you miss out things and get off the phone for example if you will watch too much Youtube videos – it will advise to take a break 🙂

Updated Google News

Newscast – brings everything to one space about one topic.

It will be available next week!


Battery is the most important thing in Maslow’s pyramid 🙂

Adaptive Brightness.

App Actions and Slices – Android analyses what Apps you use and those apps interact with other apps more often.

For example if you google Lyft – Google will give info from the app.

Available next month.

On swipe up – brings most used apps, two swipes up brings all apps.

Rotation button that you control if you want to rotate the screen.

More Dashboards that show how much are you using apps.

App Timer – you can set timers how long you use apps.

Shush – if you turn your phone over it goes into Do Not Disturb mode.

Today Android P Beta is available on Pixel and 7 other devices.

Google Maps

More addresses with the help of AI.

Help with parking(!!)

New tab in maps “For You”. Trending restaurants this week, personal recommendations, “Your Match” score (Beta testers tell that this is awesome).

Camera will be combined with street view and it will show which way you have to go. It looks really great – it shows local businesses, and it can give you an animal guide that shows where to go 🙂

Google Lens will be integrated in camera.

You can copy paste from real world

Self driving cars

6 million miles already driven.

Every aspect is just becoming more and more perfect – please read more in the link above.


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